Don’t waste time! 6 facts until you reach your echo

LANMU Wall Mount for Alexa Echo Dot 2nd Generation

LANMU Wall Mount: Simple steel black group, in line with the theory of pie security, strong, functional. You should use it on any wall of room. To supply a high-quality work place for Echo Dot 2nd Generation.
Why Utilize The Wall Hanging: If Echo Dot is placed available, pet and child will touchs it. Along with the things on pc will usually become obstacles to block the spread of noise and indicators, you can’t see the Match Dot lights and may not establish whether it is working.But LANMU Wall Mount Bracket solve this correctly.
Professional design: based on the measurement of Match Dot 2nd Generation personalized design,LANMU Wall Mount is constructed of ultra-thin metal plate, stable and wonderful, perfectly appropriate for Match Dot 2nd Generation (not suitable for a creation Match Dot 1st).
Usability: Installation is easy and very easy, the merchandise comes with detailed installation instructions. Match for installation to the livingroom, kitchen bedroom, bathroom, and so on. After installation,LANMU Wall Mount Area is practically invisible.Echo Dot 2 will combinate with wall
Item description
Product:ultra-thin metal plate, solid and beautiful

Package Including:
1*LANMU Wall Mount Bracket
1*Mounting screws
1*Detailed installation instructions

While the Match Dot 2nd Generation of components, LANMU Wall Mount Bracket is designed faithfully based on the size of Match Dot 2. Made of solid and gorgeous ultra-thin metal plate material.You can spot the Match Dot 2 horizontally to the wall.Unimpeded, multi-directional obtain signal.To carry the most perfect experience for your use.

Product information
Technical Details

Item Weight 0.6 ounces
Product Proportions 6 x-4 x 2.5 inches
Item model variety A00528A00perfectly to allow your home become beautiful and clever.
Customer Support: 180 days of free return cargo service, search for “LANMU echo dot” for more match dot components.


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